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The case for Building START Network's Disaster Risk Financing System in the Philippines


13 January 2022




Start Network supports inclusive locally led structures to own, develop and implement financing strategies and systems in their contexts.

In the Philippines, Start Network conducted studies to collect baseline information needed to establish a DRF system that is appropriate for the Philippine context. In this meeting, researchers shared the outputs of their studies on disaster risk management (DRM) financial flows, impact and vulnerability analysis, and gender mainstreaming. 

Financing Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines: A Three-Year Snapshot, 2018-2020 (Download primer here)

This study by a research team from the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute mapped the flow of funding for DRM in the Philippines from 2018 to 2020 to determine the gaps that can be addressed by developing a DRF mechanism.

‘What suits one may not suit the other’: A Vulnerability and Impact Analysis on flooding and severe winds caused by tropical cyclones (Download primer here)

This Vulnerability and Impact Analysis by a team from the Research Institute for Mindanao Culture led to the selection of three vulnerable areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao where the DRF Project can be piloted.

Mainstreaming Gender and DRF: Experiences of Marginalized Gender Identities in Disasters in Rural/Urban Communities in the Philippines (Download primer here)

This research report by Practical Action Consulting on mainstreaming gender and DRF documents the lived experiences of women, men, and other gender identities on disasters and its intersectional impact to their access to information, preparedness, and early action.

The meeting recording can be found here. 


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