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Global FOREWARN Meeting Q1 2022 - Cold Waves


09 March 2022




Start Network Crisis Anticipation and Risk Financing team is pleased to invite you to the March FOREWARN Community meeting - with a focus on cold waves.

Access the meeting minutes here.


Join our online community where we are continuing the discussions started during our meetings. By joining our platform you’ll be able to access the resources, videos and presentations, share your insights, and continue conversations with fellow FOREWARN members. Please register here.


In our Q4 meeting on flash floods and landslides, we opened with remarks from Amelie Yan Gouiffes at UNDP and heard a round up of 2021 highlights from our National FOREWARN Coordinators in Bangladesh, Madagascar, Pakistan, and the Philippines. We then looked closely at learning from landslide monitoring in Bangladesh, and heard two case studies of flash flood forecast modelling from the Philippines. This was followed by a closer look at a global Flash Flood Confidence Index. Minutes, recordings, and community member updates are available here.

This quarter, we will focus on Start Network and National FOREWARN work on anticipating cold waves. As always, we invite FOREWARN community members to share their own cold wave work, tools, or experiences that could support collaboration to effectively anticipate this hazard.

Please contact with your request to share an update by Thursday 17th February 2022, following which the final agenda will be shared.

We are working hard to make these meetings accessible to all time zones, and hope to bring a range of options in the future. The full meeting recording will be shared, as well as ways to engage with presenters, but please contact if you have difficulty attending the meeting. Creating connections and partnerships is fundamental to FOREWARN and your feedback will help us find solutions for future meetings.

Please find the minutes of the previous meetings here.

Global FOREWARN Meeting Q1 2022

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