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Humanitarian Network and Partnerships Week

Localisation in practice: driving forward diverse and locally-led humanitarian action

Start Network's Bhavya Srinivasan joined the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week for a session on 'Localisation in practice: driving forward diverse and locally-led humanitarian action' alongside Samar Muhareb, ARDD; Hugo Icu Peren, ASECSA, Matthew Cogan, Irish Aid, and Anita Kattakuzhy, OXFAM.


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For years local actors have laid out their vision for a more locally-led humanitarian system, and in turn, international actors have responded with commitments and dialogue. However, moving away from conceptual debates to realising a humanitarian sector truly driven by local needs, aspirations, expertise and leadership is a complex task, and tangible change has yet to permeate across the sector. Still, there have been practical examples of change. From the facilitation of locally-led humanitarian networks, funding mechanisms that provide equitable access to local organisations to changes in governance systems and shaping of more equitable and locally-driven partnerships. The challenge remains in amplifying, multiplying and scaling up such initiatives to achieve change across the humanitarian landscape

Start Network is leading this session because it believes driving diverse locally-led humanitarian action can wait no longer, and the aims of this session are: 

1. Explore through an inclusive lens how the different players in the humanitarian ecosystem can and are challenging traditional humanitarian models.

2. Identify how it is possible to address power imbalances through networked approaches, diversity of perspective and expertise, devolved decision making and collective action.

3. Share concrete examples of initiatives driving forward locally-led humanitarian action and identify practices that can be implemented and scaled.


Read the highlights from this session

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