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Locally Led, Globally Connected:

How innovative financing can drive a more equitable humanitarian system


05 July 2022




Is the humanitarian system currently fit for purpose?

Start Network is bringing the funding community together to challenge traditional thinking in humanitarianism. Created by the sector to innovate and push forward change, Start Network’s mandate is to tackle some of the biggest systemic problems in the sector on behalf of our members. Join us to discuss how we can come together to catalyse a fairer, more equitable system through smart and innovative financing.

We invite you to be part of the change - towards more fit-for-purpose, localised and proactive humanitarian action.

Session 1

Climate adaptation and smart financing Climate crises are threatening the way of life of communities all around the world. It is becoming vital that we all adapt to the changing environment. 55% of climate crises are predictable – yet only 1% of humanitarian funding is given in anticipation of crises. Join us to discuss how the funding community can pool resources to support communities ahead of crises rather than waiting for disaster to strike.

Session 2

How can we prepare for unpredictable crises? In an increasingly complex world, many of the most pressing humanitarian emergencies are often unpredictable, unmodelable and chaotic in nature. Epidemics, conflict, fire hazards all create new and devastating situations. In particular, political insecurity and conflict drive an estimated 80% of all humanitarian needs. Hear from Start Network members on how they are supporting people during unmodelable crises and what we can do to respond quickly in emergencies.

Session 3

Locally led action and leadership: Our role as enablers to move from commitments to action Local actors and leaders are the closest, most context aware, and first responders to any crisis. Throughout the pandemic, local communities with the support of local organisations across the world proved once again that they were able to provide top quality humanitarian assistance during an emergency. Yet 6 years on from the Grand Bargain commitments, funding and decision making remains centralised. Join our panel discussion with both funders and local member organisations, opening a dialogue to challenge, inspire and rejuvenate our focus on locally led action. And hear first-hand some incredible examples of humanitarian action led by communities across the world.

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