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Humanitarian Leadership Conference

From words to action - How local hubs are decolonising the humanitarian landscape

Start Network invites you to join us at the Humanitarian Leadership Conference for the session on decolonising the humanitarian landscape where you will hear from Gang Karume, Rebuild Hope for Africa; Christina Bennett, Start Network; Emeline Siale Ilolahia, Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations (PIANGO);

Colonialism has deep roots within humanitarianism. From its beginnings with claims of civilisation to the current colonial dynamics that shape the governing, allocation, and administration of aid, colonial mindsets, behaviours, and systems are continuous threads that run throughout the power relations that exist within our sector. The current humanitarian system needs to change and a new generation of humanitarians who are closer to the frontlines and crises must lead the way. Although there have been several high-level commitments to transform the humanitarian landscape, colonial structures remain at the core of the humanitarian work, reducing international commitments to empty pledges and leaving the status quo unchanged. Start Network is challenging colonial behaviours, processes, and methodologies through a localised, proactive, and risk-tolerant proposal by decentralising its global network, starting with five regional hubs.

Hubs are collectives of local, national, and international organisations operating in the same country (region). They control their own resources and define their responses to crises affecting their communities, united by a shared purpose and vision to reshape the power dynamics, dismantle regressive and colonial narratives and decolonise aid. This 45-minute panel will provide a platform for members of the hubs to challenge the sector through their local experience, communicating a vision for change.

Humanitarian Leadership Conference

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