Start Financing Facility

The future financial infrastructure for the Start Network

Where are we now

Current Start Network funding portfolio

Where are we going

The Start Financing Facility will:

  1. Offer a single process for donors to fund a range of national or thematic Start Network funds/financing
  2. Channel funding as directly as possible to frontline humanitarian responders, in line with our localisation targets
  3. Provide a continuum of funding for different kinds of crises; to respond to risk of different severity and likelihood 
  4. Make the best use of efficiencies offered by scale and geographic diversity, for example by pooling risks across different contexts 
  5. Enable the emergence of locally appropriate financial instruments by NGOs by providing the facility/framework within which instruments can be piloted and taken to scale
  6. Ensure allocation of funding based on needs, in line with humanitarian principles

Tell us what you think

The Start Financing Facility design will be a bottom-up process, combining perspectives of the users of the facility (including NGOs and donors), with global technical expertise, including from the World Bank. This will not only ensure appropriate deployment of the right technical expertise but also secure buy-in from the key stakeholders of the SFF, helping to increase the chances of success of the design. 


As the first stage of this consultation, we would like to invite you/your organisation to be part of this process by filling out the following survey








Timeline for the design process

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