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2022 Disaster Risk Financing Drought Contingency Planning Workshop


17 May 2022




Please join us for joint contingency planning for Ready Pakistan and Start Networks Drought disaster risk financing mechanism this May in Islamabad

The Drought Disaster Risk Financing mechanism builds resilience to droughts in Pakistan. Most drought monitoring programmes in Pakistan focus on the summer monsoon and the availability of surface and sub-surface water. The secondary winter growing season is, however, also of economic and agricultural importance. Therefore the vulnerability of the communities to winter crop and pasture failures motivated Start Network to implement an agricultural drought DRF initiative for the Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan provinces.

This workshop will happen on 17-18 May, 2022 and bring together a range of stakeholders to collectively develop plans that ensure communities can be best protected against Drought.

Below are four resources that are useful to this season’s heatwave DRF system.

  1. Standard Operating Procedures for Drought: 2022 - This document summarises the operational plan for the drought season. It outlines what needs to be done in advance of season and what happens after a trigger is announced. It is a set of guidelines and pre-agreed plans written for Start Network members, to ensure that members and their partners feel operationally ready for an intervention when a heatwave is forecasted.
  2. Drought Technical Document - This document sets out the proposed thresholds used to forecast drought in Pakistan and provides an overview of the technical model being used. Implementing clear criteria and thresholds will help ensure that actions taken to mitigate the impacts of a drought are mobilised consistently and transparently.
  3. Contingency Plan template - This document serves as the template for which members are requested to complete their costed contingency plans in. This is expected to be completed based on the data generated through the assessments and workshops written above. Please note: the application window will open following the workshop,  will be communicated after the workshop.
  4. Building Blocks framework - The Building Blocks provides a framework for how Start Network and their members develop and operate a DRF system. This guides the construction and enhancement of the risk-based financing system in order to provide consistency and quality of the mechanism. The process of developing and operating a DRF system is divided into seven blocks which can be viewed in this document.

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