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278 India (flooding)


Crisis Start

05 May 18


22 Oct 18

Project Start

25 Oct 18

21 Oct 18


24 Oct 18

Project Selection

04 Jan 19

Learning Meeting

Project Implementation & Reporting

The Start Fund was activated for the above crisis. The following sections give your agency’s project lead the information they need to complete and learn from the response.

278 India (flooding) Oxfam GB

Humanitarian Assistance to the marginalised and excluded communities in worst afected areas of Very Severe Cyclone Titli and subsequent food/landslide in Gajapati, Odisha

  • Project sectors:

  • WaSH

  • Shelter

278 India (flooding) Catholic Relief Services

Cyclone Titli Response

  • Project sectors:

  • Shelter

  • Protection

278 India (flooding) CAFOD

Humanitarian Assistance for Flood Affected Communities in Gajapati District in Odisha, India

  • Project sectors:

  • WaSH

  • Shelter

278 India (flooding) Christian Aid

Immediate relief for cyclone Titli and subsequent fooding afected pdeopdle in rrikakulam and Vijayanagaram Districts in Andha Pradesh

  • Project sectors:

  • WaSH

  • Shelter