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298 Cameroon (Displacement due to conflict)


Crisis Start

27 Jan 19


06 Feb 19

Project Start

08 Feb 19

05 Feb 19


08 Feb 19

Project Selection

09 Apr 19

Learning Meeting

Project Implementation & Reporting

The Start Fund was activated for the above crisis. The following sections give your agency’s project lead the information they need to complete and learn from the response.

298 Cameroon (Displacement due to conflict) International Medical Corps (IMC)

Emergency health and protection

  • Project sectors:

  • WaSH

  • Health

  • Protection

298 Cameroon (Displacement due to conflict) Solidarites International

Emergency WaSH, Heath and nutrition assistance to Nigerian refugees in Goura area

  • Project sectors:

  • WaSH

  • Health

  • Nutrition