Udhvabani Innovation Labs

Udhvabani Lab aims to examine and improve the direct impact of the built environment on emergencies. The Lab seeks to find and support ideas that build safer communities, and being based out of Korail, Bangladesh’s largest slum, it will ensure ideas are led by the local community.


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About the Lab

The Lab has six key functions to support early innovations: 


1. Scouting

2. Identification

3. Financial Support

4. Technical and social validation

5. Core research

6. Dissemination


A screening process will start with the selection of 25 innovative ideals, leading to the shortlisting of 12. In the final phase, six ideas will be developed through small grants based on the potential value of product, process, position and paradigm innovation. The emergent innovations will be applied in different parts of Bangladesh and regionally through Asian Disaster Response and Reduction Network.


Meet the innovators


"Basically, I am a teacher. I love to teach people. The fire outbreaks in Korail in 2016 and 2017 caused many deaths in the community because people were not aware of the risks and dangers and did not have any fire hazard training. I felt strongly that if the people of Korail had the opportunity to receive training on fire fighting they could prevent tragedy in the future and protect their communities."

- Mohammad Anowarul Islam, innovation: Community Fire Fighting Teams




“If home-owners use mud bricks, it reduces 25% of the cost and it will keep rooms cool.”

- Al Romana Sania, innovation: Low Cost Unbaked Bricks

Al Romana Sania is an architectural student at the American International University of Bangladesh. She is passionate about making unbaked bricks for the construction of houses in Korail. 

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