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COP26: Locally-led solutions to DRR and anticipatory action: challenges, lessons learned and ideas for scaling up.

This session will showcase locally-led and locally-owned solutions to climate adaptation, resilience building and early action, and it will engage participants in a discussion on how anticipatory action can be scaled up and institutionalised.

Start Network will be participating in the event via the Anticipatory Action Task Force (AATF). Zinta Zommers, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, OCHA; IPCC Lead Author will be representing the AATF at this event.

The session will be structured around two main discussions, each followed by some interaction with the participants. The first part will focus on showcasing locally-led solutions to building resilience and addressing climate adaptation; the second part will focus on lessons learned and actions needed to scale up local leadership for climate action. 

From experiences of integrating communities’ perspectives into local and national Disaster Risk Reduction plans to lessons learned in effective partnerships and communication to understand local priorities, to successes and challenges of implementing early warning early action.

This session will contribute towards shaping a clearer understanding of the importance of anticipatory action and integrating DRR considerations into climate policies and plans. It will also support the Resilience Hub’s overall objectives of sharing best practice and building collaboration, momentum and new opportunities on adaptation and resilience, as well as amplifying messages globally on resilience and adaptation at COP26.

About the Resilience Hub

This session is part of the Resilience Hub. Led by global non-state actors from business, investors, civil society, academia, cities and regions, the Resilience Hub will provide an unforgettable immersion into the urgency for action while mobilizing ambition to deliver a resilient world for all, as never before experienced at any COP.

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