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Crisis Anticipation: Biannual FOREWARN meeting

The Start Fund will be hosting the bi-annual FOREWARN community meeting which will take place on the 12th & 13th September 2018, in greater London.

During this event we will reflect on the achievements of the Crisis Anticipation Window over the past two years, focussing on practical examples as well as policy shifts towards early action in the sector. 

The second half of the event will be about the direction that FOREWARN will take over the next few years – growing and devolving through the formation of national groups, specialised thematic subgroups and strategic partnerships. The full Agenda is listed below, some timings and sections may be subject to change.

If you working in anticipation, early action, risk financing or otherwise, and would like to attend, please click here to get in touch with the team.

Day 1: Wednesday 12th September


Registration, Introductions, Expectations

09.30- 10.15

FOREWARN: Achievements to Date

Presentation from Start Anticipation unit.


Success Story: Heatwave Anticipation in Pakistan

Presentation and Q&A by TBC and TBC

11.00-11.15 - Tea Break


Forecast based Finance - Beyond Anticipation

Member Presentation


Innovation and Ideas Marketplace

Members present successes, pilots, new ideas and planned innovations in concurrent, rotating sessions, 15 minute rotations

13.00-14.15 - Lunch Break


Lessons Learned and Acted Upon

SWOT of FOREWARN to date


The new FOREWARN Strategy-Global and Devolved

Overview presentation of the new FOREWARN Strategy


New Forewarn Strategy- Q&A

16.15- 16.30       

New Forewarn Strategy- Member Feedback

Initial SWOT feedback on new Strategy

16.30-17.00 - Day 1 Wrap Up

19.30 - Dinner

Day 2: Thursday 13th September

9.00- 9.15           

Recapping Day 1, Getting Ready for Day 2

Q+A/resolution of any outstanding issues/topics


Group Work: Establishing FOREWARN Thematic Groups

11.00-11.15 - Tea Break

11.15-12.15 - What Next for FOREWARN? Action Planning

Who is doing what? What are the priorities? Agreeing an initial action plans, roles and responsibilities and timelines


Reflecting on the workshop

Have the outcomes met the expectations set on Day 1? Is there any unanswered questions or red flags? What follow up is needed if so?


The Crisis Anticipation Window Annual report is available to view and download. Click here to find out more information on the Crisis Anticipation Window, the Start Fund and FOREWARN

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