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DEPP Labs Nepal Workshop

Start Network's DEPP Innovation Labs are coming together for the second time at a four day workshop.

The workshop has been designed to:

  • Foster exchange between the labs to create relationships for continued sharing and learning
  • Enable labs to work together to solve practical challenges that they are facing
  • Look towards creating a pathway to sustainability for each lab

At this workshop each lab will share details of the innovations they are supporting, they will also hear from the N-Lab (World Vision's Nepal Innovation Lab) and Kristin Sandvik, an ethics expert will talk about ethics in innovation.

Jointly managed by Start and CDAC Networks, the DEPP Innovation Labs is a two-year £10 million programme, funded by UK Aid, which has set up a network of labs to identify and support the development of innovative solutions to disaster preparedness. 

Each lab has designed a process to identify and foster promising innovations. The labs provide support to teams of innovators to help them to overcome the barriers that slow down or prevent them from implementing and scaling up new approaches to emergency preparedness.

Read more about the DEPP Innovation Labs.

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