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FOREWARN Community Meeting

Join the FOREWARN Community meeting online on Friday to discuss COVID-19.

When the anticipation window of the Start Fund was launched in 2016, members didn’t always have the information and support that they needed to raise suitable alerts, so the Forecast-based Warning, Analysis and Response Network (FOREWARN) was created. This group is broken down into hazard-specific sub-groups who regularly feed into anticipation alerts. The community meets twice a year to share the direction of early action in the humanitarian sector and consider the anticipation strategy of the Start Fund.

In this meeting, we will share some of the findings from the first anticipation evaluation. We will also discuss COVID-19 and the role that FOREWARN might play in any alerts raised in relation to it. There will also be updates about the new Anticipation & Risk Financing team, an opportunity to meet the National FOREWARN Coordinators, and updates from others including the Risk Informed Early Action Partnership (REAP).

Date and time: 27 March 2020, 10:00 GMT

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