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The future for individual humanitarian capacity-building


21 November 2017





Yattani Chachu, from the PACIDA organisation in Kenya

Humanitarian disasters are increasing in both frequency and severity, and there is more need than ever to ensure that countries can respond and recover quickly. To do this, people in those countries need to be equipped with the right skills.

Venue: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9A.

Over the last three years, a consortium of agencies has come together under the Talent Development Project and trained over 1000 national humanitarian staff in Bangladesh, the DRC, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya and Lebanon. Through this endeavour, we have learned a lot about the best ways to strengthen capacity in countries at risk of disaster.


Who can benefit from this workshop?

  • Capacity development practitioners
  • Technical specialists for training and staff development
  • Staff management and welfare staff
  • Human Resource staff from humanitarian agencies


What will be discussed?

At this event we will share with you some of our key learning, and discuss what we think this means for the future of humanitarian capacity-building. We will have some guest speakers, a panel discussion, and small group seminars to cover topics such as:

  • How can we contextualise our training programmes so that they are relevant for staff in different countries, whilst also equipping them for international humanitarian work and maintaining consistent global standards?
  • How could we re-model these programmes in future to make them more affordable for local NGO staff, without losing quality?
  • What is the best way to build the capacity of organisations in countries at risk of disaster to deliver these programmes in future?
  • How can we maximise the impact of the learning that our participants have gained, on their colleagues, their organisations and the wider sector?
  • How can we encourage and promote the participation of women on our training programmes?


Where can I find more information?

To download the full agenda and for more information, please click here

Find out more about the Talent Development project by clicking here.

The full details of Humanitarian resilience week can be found here.

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