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Global Heat Health Information Network

The First Global Forum for Heat and Health will take place in Hong Kong from the 17-20 December 2018. As the inaugural global forum of the Global Heat Health Information Network, this event will feature talks from leading experts on heat health science and implementation, and inform a global common agenda on heat and health. As well as engaging talks and content from experts in the field, the forum will also feature an interactive segment with a focus on heat health communication.


Date: 17-20 December 2018 

Location: Hong Kong 

Forum Aims

The heat health forum serves as an international platform to build capacity, promote sharing, and encourage evidence-based policy and actions to improve the management of extreme heat risks. The forum will bring together the interdisciplinary community of experts and practitioners implementing various aspects required to understand and manage heat risks to health in order to share experience, inform a global common agenda, strengthen the network, and formally launch the Global Heat Health Information Network.

Agenda Overview

Day 1: The Status of Global Action for Heat Health
Setting the stage with focusing keynotes by world-class experts, and regional heat health updates from across the globe.

Day 2: Technical Heat Health Stocktaking and Agenda Setting
In-depth discussion on progress and challenges within the GHHIN thematic areas

Day 3: Workshop on Communicating and Taking Action
A hands-on workshop to prepare attendees to communicate heat health risk effectively

Day 4: Hong Kong Heat Project Site Visits
Visits to Hong Kong’s exemplary sites where heat health is actively managed

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