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Hub Connect: our journey towards localisation

A Virtual Hub Conference

This event, taking place from 25 May to 3 June. will bring Start Network hubs together to establish a renewed direction for the collective, peer-hub learning, set shared commitments for the wider Start Network and the hubs, all with a focus of driving towards greater localisation.


Week 1: Reflecting on how we’ve progressed as a hub collective & drivers of localisation

Hub storytelling: where we come from and what we’ve seen: Time for each hub to share about their context, and some success stories from the past year of hub incubation, particularly relating to localisation

Reflections on progress against calls for change: Recap of calls or recommendations put forward by the hubs to Start Network (Covid-19 paper, Assembly statements, etc), looking at where progress has been made and reprioritising actions

Hub - SN Partnership review: Partnership ‘health check’. Feedback and reflections on from hubs on their engagement with SN

Week 2: Looking ahead and planning to drive change

The change we want to see: setting advocacy priorities: Developing collective advocacy priorities, particularly focused on localisation

Open session: Space to pick back up on the conversations we were not able to wrap up, or for representatives to bring other discussions 

Future planning: Next steps and engaging with SN leadership


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