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Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week

Hosted by the Swiss Government and co-chaired by the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week provides a space for humanitarian networks and partnerships to hold their annual meetings. 

Most of these meetings are open for observers, but some are restricted to members of the network and on invitation only.

On Wednesday, 8th February an interactive open-door problem-solving event will provide space for experts and experienced humanitarian responders to discuss common challenges and explore possible innovative solutions.

Wednesday the 8th February is open to all humanitarian experts, whether or not they are affiliated to a network. It is aimed at those who have been involved with humanitarian response and can bring their experience to help solve the most pressing issues facing humanitarian responders today.

On Wednesday, 8th February, taking advantage of networks and partnerships members being in one place, HNPW will hold interactive sessions which aim to address current humanitarian challenges. Topics include coordination, information management, importing priority humanitarian goods, getting airports up and running quickly, environmental risks, training and simulation exercises, humanitarian civil military coordination, disability inclusion and many more. The outcomes of each session will feed into the future work of a variety of task forces and projects.

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