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Partnership Brokers Training, UK

A 4-day skills development course for those involved in brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships.

London, United Kingdom

17-18 and 20-21 October, 2016

There is a growing demand internationally across all sectors for greater competence in managing partnerships more effectively and efficiently.

This programme provides those working in and on partnerships with frameworks, tools, techniques and skills development to build their confidence and competence as partnership brokers.

It seeks to evolve frameworks from practice and builds on experiences of partnership brokering in diverse contexts and different models of partnership.

A partnership ‘broker’ is an intermediary building effective and innovative collaboration between partners. Partnership brokers can be either internal – responsible for negotiating or managing partnerships on behalf of their organisation – or external – those offering independent partnership brokering services.

Established in 2003, the globally recognised Partnership Brokers Training builds the practical brokering skills and professional practices necessary to address complex challenges in the partnering process at all phases of a partnership’s life cycle.

The Partnership Brokers Training is a 4-day skills training and professional development that includes:

  • A theoretical framework for partnership brokering and the importance of good brokering in the development of robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
  • Brokering skills development in scoping, resource-mapping, facilitation, partnering negotiations, relationship-management, reaching agreement and reviewing
  • Exploration of common partnership brokering challenges
  • Action planning for individual applications of the lessons from the course

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