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New Reporting Forms Webinar

The Start Network automation team would like to invite you to a demo of the new, web-based reporting form for Start Fund projects.

As a part of our most 2019 external evaluation that has recently completed, Start Fund has been assessed as to how we would look if the disbursement pot were to grow substantially (£20mil/year--£100mil/year). A major learning that has come out of this evaluation is the imperative that our internal processes need more automation. Much of our alert cycle and reporting management is very manual and laborious in a way it does not need to be if we had systems designed to automate some of our processes. This scope of work has looked at, but was not limited to:

- The alert member survey
- Auto-filling minute templates
- Report form information going into our database
- Linking our database with dashboards
- Automating the Crisis Response Summary information
- Creating databases for Start Fund historical data to our membership

As a means to automate our report form, we have introduced a new template that moves away from the Excel spreadsheet many of you are familiar with and toward something that looks more like our alert member survey. Now that this has been formally introduced into our processes after several rounds of feedback from the membership, the Start Fund team would like to show what it will look like vis-à-vis the old report form so you can familiarise yourself with the new format and accommodate your ways of working accordingly.

During this webinar, the Start Fund team and the developers can show you the new report form template and we can discuss any concerns you may have so the developers can answer those questions. If you are not able to join at that time but would still like to see the demo version of the new template, please hold this space as we will record the meeting so you can watch it later.

Date and time: 26 February 2020, 14:00 GMT

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