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Staff Care and Wellbeing for Emergency Response - Transforming Surge Capacity Project


25 October 2016





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With a number of recent studies highlighting that humanitarian staff are experiencing stress, anxiety, and burnout – more must be done to look at the support we provide to surge professionals.

Save the Children alongside the Transforming Surge Capacity Project would like to invite those interested to join a learning event on Tuesday 25th October to look at how, as a sector, we can better provide staff care and wellbeing support to colleagues being deployed to support emergencies.

This event will be an exciting and unique opportunity to hear about the latest examples and approaches not only on good practice of wellbeing in the sector and beyond, but also practical experience from Save the Children and other Start Network agencies on how they are addressing this important issue.

The event will be held on Tuesday 25 October from 9:00-1:00 BST in a central London location and open for all to attend. To register your interest and find out more, please contact Qadeer Abdilleh (,

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