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Start Evolves webinar:

Value of Start at the national level (Pakistan & Bangladesh)


27 July 2017




This webinar will explore the value and impact of a potential Start Network hub in Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

Through Start Evolves, the Start Network has put forward a vision for the future which we think is needed to tackle the humanitarian challenges of the 21st century. We believe the humanitarian sector needs to move to a model that enables more locally appropriate solutions, with funding and decision making held at the local level.

Our aim is to create an international ‘network of networks’ with global infrastructure to enable a new way of working. National and regional hubs will be able to run their own programmes and their own funds, they will be globally connected and appropriate to their local contexts.

Globally the Start Network will support hubs though; a global financing facility which enables national and regional funds to connect to a global structure, creating efficiency and in built surge; tired due diligence and capacity building to enable a greater number of actors access to the system and; a global platform to enable the sharing of expertise and learning across all hubs.

But what would a Start Network hub look like? What would be its value at the national level and how would it be governed? In this webinar, Kat Reichel (Network Engagement and Design Project Manager) and Adam McVie (DEPP Programme Officer) are joined by colleagues in Pakistan and Bangladesh to explore this in depth. The discussion will draw on our members’ own experiences and vision of Start’s future role in these two countries.

The perspectives from Pakistan and Bangladesh within this discussion will be used as valuable case studies in the Start Evolves process, as we work together to define and co-create the Start Network’s future model. 

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