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Start Network Assembly November 2018 Meeting

Assembly meetings allow Start Network members to come together and take stock of our progress, challenges and opportunities, and to build on them to advance our collective work.

The Start Network Assembly is the network's highest governing body, made up of representatives from each member agency. This upcoming Assembly meeting will be held in Bonn, Germany, kindly hosted by Network member Welthungerhilfe.

The Assembly will be an opportunity to come together to learn how the network has progressed over the past six months; build on the learning to tackle shared challenges, and make decisions on the Network’s future and strategic direction. We will introduce three tracks to allow us to do this in focused and practical ways: LEARN, BUILD and DECIDE.

  • Through the LEARN track, we will explore how we have made progress 
  • BUILD will allow us to work together to generate solutions to shared challenges 
  • The DECIDE track will be where we make key governance decisions for the Network

This Assembly meeting marks a year since our members agreed on a vision and strategy to grow and decentralise the Network. At the event members will come together to learn about and make sense of our progress since 2017; build on our experience and learning to tackle shared challenges; and make decisions on the Network's future and strategic direction

Kindly hosted by our member Welthungerhilfe in Bonn, Germany, there is virtual participation also available for those who cannot join us in person.

Please register in advance and your confirmation email will include the joining instructions.


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