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Start Network Strategy Week

Strategy Week is an annual, week-long series of internal governance meetings and strategy events for senior representatives from the member agencies of the Start Network.

The format for the week was first tested in 2014 when it was known as Mini Mega Week, as it was originally developed as a compliment to Mega Week – now known as Start for Change – which is held in May each year and has a more external focus with events like the Annual Conference.

This year’s Strategy Week will be from 14 to 18 November and held in central London. It will include a two-day Assembly meeting, Board meeting, Start Fund Strategy meeting, Start Fund Council, and a two-day DEPP Collaboration workshop. The meetings are clustered in this way to make it easier for international stakeholders to participate, many of whom participate in several of the meetings in the week, and to reduce their time demands throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the week or your participation your first point of contact should be Cem Gurkan, Membership and Governance Coordinator.

Email Cem Gurkan to find out more

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