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Humanitarian Network and Partnership Week

Tiered due diligence and sector wide passporting: A pathway to inclusion and efficiency

Start Network invites you to join us at the Humanitarian Network and Partnership Week for the session on 'Tiered due diligence and sector-wide passporting: A pathway to inclusion and efficiency' where you will hear from Jeremy Rempel, ICVA; Vincent Hensen, Start Network; Muhammad Amad, IDEA;


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Due diligence and compliance remain to be among the main barriers to locally-led humanitarian action that the sector faces, both in terms of the disproportional compliance burden, as well as the amount of time, effort and resources it takes to engage in due diligence processes that are typically repeated for each granting donor or organization. As a result, local and national actors are disproportionately affected and are being further squeezed out of the humanitarian equation. Despite compliance requirements and processes being fairly similar from one organisation to another, grant-making institutions insist on conducting their own due diligence on prospective partners. We need a more efficient compliance architecture that reduces duplication and that is accessible and equitable for all humanitarian actors.

The session aims to generate buy-in toward the vision of a common compliance standard that is ‘passportable’ across the humanitarian sector, and the concrete steps we can take to get there.

1. Understand the challenges that the current due diligence processes bring to national and local NGOs and how it hinders locally-led humanitarian action.

2. Share the learning from the journey that different organisations have taken toward an equitable, proportional and efficient due diligence process.

3. Present and discuss a set of alternatives to simplify and make due diligence processes easier, and how we can test and scale a workable solution within the humanitarian ecosystem.


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