398 DRC (Displacement due to Conflict)

Displacement due to Conflict

  • Country: Congo [DRC]

  • Crisis cause: Conflict

  • Crisis type: Sociological


Alert cycle

11 Jan 20

Crisis start

15 Jan 20, 12:30


Alert summary: Displacement due to Conflict

Alert type: Response

16 Jan 20, 17:00

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The alert note demonstrated a very clear spike in violence, along with the likelihood that further funding was very unlikely to come in at this stage considering the small scale of the crisis (and…

£327,680Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

18 Jan 20, 13:00

Project selection

Meeting summary: The committee selected CAFOD and Action Aid's proposals as they had coordinated well and had good presence and ability to reach communities quickly. The group considered that Help Age's proposal…

Agencies funded:

19 Mar 20

Learning meeting

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded:


398_Action Aid

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