423 DRC (Storm)

Storm and torrential rains

  • Country: Congo [DRC]

  • Crisis cause: Storm

  • Crisis type: Meteorological


Alert cycle

27 Apr 20

Crisis start

30 Apr 20, 09:30


Alert summary: Storm and torrential rains

Alert type: Response

01 May 20, 13:15

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The committee felt that the alert note was very well-aligned to the priorities of the Start Fund; however, the limited levels of coordination and communication by the alerting agencies was a concern…

£375,500Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

02 May 20, 18:30

Project selection

Meeting summary: The project selection committee agreed that there were clear humanitarian needs in this crisis. They agreed that the Christian Aid proposal was well written and were relevant to the current needs,…

Agencies funded:

01 Jul 20

Learning meeting

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded:


423_Christian Aid

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