665 Venezuela (Flooding)


  • Country: Venezuela

  • Alerting agencies: CADENA, World Vision UK

  • Crisis cause: Flooding

  • Crisis type: Hydrological


Alert cycle

27 Nov 22

Crisis start

07 Dec 22, 15:00


Alert summary: Flooding

Alert type: Response

08 Dec 22, 16:00

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The Committee considered that the situation in Venezuela is a small, underfunded crisis and that the Start Fund was appropriate to provide immediate relief. Although the Committee raised some…

£200,000Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

10 Dec 22, 16:00

Project selection

Meeting summary: After review all participants were satisfied with the quality of the proposal and found it to be relevant. It was found that the project aims to save lives, taking into account the elements that…

Agencies funded: CADENA

02 Mar 23

Learning meeting

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded: CADENA



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