675 Philippines (Flooding)


  • Country: Philippines

  • Crisis cause: Flooding

  • Crisis type: Hydrological


Alert cycle

26 Dec 22

Crisis start

23 Jan 23, 09:00


Alert summary: Flooding

Alert type: Response

24 Jan 23, 11:00

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The Allocation Committee agreed that the rainfall in Philippines is gradually getting adverse and has been affecting the lives of the communities negatively. Even though the alert seemed to be a…

£450,000Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

26 Jan 23, 10:45

Project selection

Meeting summary: After a thorough review of both the proposals, the Project Selection Committee struggled to decide on voting, and Proposal 1 (Care) was finally selected by overcoming a tie. The PSC stressed that…

Agencies funded: CARE International UK

04 May 23

Learning meeting

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded: CARE International UK


675_CARE International UK

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