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Annual Report 2018

A new era of humanitarian action

  • by Helen James
  • 24 Jul 19

Photo credit: Delgermaa Altangerel/Save the Children Mongolia

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The Start Network is pleased to share the 2018 Annual Report showcasing its work on revolutionising the way that humanitarian aid is being disbursed.

In 2018, the German Federal Foreign Office and Jersey Overseas Aid joined our exiting donors (UK Aid, ECHO, Belgium, Netherlands, and Irish Aid) in supporting the Start Fund, the worlds fastest pooled humanitarian response.

Carolyn Labey, Minister for International Development, Jersey said: “Jersey may be the smallest governmental donor to the Start Fund, but we are proud to be playing an early part in its growing success. And the features which make it work for us-the expertise, reach, coordination, and devolved decision making of the Start Network -make it a welcome addition to the humanitarian landscape for stakeholders of all sizes.”  

Our 42 members continued to have access to the Start Fund as well as to new opportunities around risk financing, early action and local innovations. In a recent survey, 85 percent of members report that organisational practices have changed since interacting with the Start Network, and 90 percent would recommend the Start Network to similar organisations. In 2018, over 230 organisations registered their formal interest to join the Network.

“Being part of a global NGO network challenges us all to think about how we can work better together to change and improve how the humanitarian system works.” Nick Guttmann, Head of Humanitarian Division, Christian Aid.

Our three pillars of localisation, new financing and collective innovation provide solutions to critical problem areas we see in the humanitarian sector around centrally held power;reactive rather than proactive action; and rigid, inflexible processes.

“... we have started to change humanitarian action, enabling more people to overcome the crises they face quicker and with greater dignity. Resources and decision-making shall be located where they are needed most; funding shall be triggered earlier on using forecasts of impending crises, and digitisation shall enhance compliance while lowering cost.Christof Gabriel Maetze, Chair of the Board

The 2018 Start Annual Report provides snapshots of our activities, our achievements, our members, our donors, our partnerships and our vision for the future.

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  • by Helen James