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Start Fund Monthly Risk Briefing: April

  • by Sarah Klassen
  • 18 Apr 19

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To enable NGOs to act before a crisis occurs and response early to mitigate the predicted impacts, the Start Fund produces monthly risk briefings which provide risk information on global weather, volcanic, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund Anticipation process. It reports on new, emerging or deteriorating situations, therefore ongoing events that are considered to be unchanged are not featured and risks that are beyond the scope and scale of the Start Fund are also not featured. 

This monthly risk bulletin is collated by the Start Network anticipation team using information from academia and research institutes, government departments, ACAPS, global risk indexes, risk information provided by Start Members and their partners and the media. It also includes an upcoming ‘Key Dates’ section which highlights upcoming tangible events that members of the Start Network can use to inform specific, anticipatory, and preventive actions.

Key risks this month include drought in the Philippines, escalating violence in Niger and waterborne diseases in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  

Read this month's briefing here

We know that the most effective risk management isn’t captured in a risk briefing- it’s holistic, and its people-focused. Humanitarians can’t get a grasp of risks by just looking at models, forecasts and risk reports. This is why each month, FOREWARN- a group of humanitarian practitioners, scientists and academics who provide a technical advisory service to the Crisis Anticipation Window, collectively discusses and actions these risks on a regular basis.

The idea is: let’s draw together a diverse group of specialists to develop and act on a shared understanding of risk- because doing so, can make all the difference.

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  • by Sarah Klassen