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Business in the Community launches Global Relief and Resilience Hub

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The Global Relief and Resilience Hub alerts businesses and humanitarian organisations to crises as they develop and helps to facilitate long-lasting relationships by strengthening both business to humanitarian, and business to business collaboration.

In late summer, Hurricane Harvey swept over the southern and eastern United States, causing catastrophic flooding and over 70 deaths. Hurricane Irma then followed, smashing through the Caribbean towards the United States, leaving behind it a path of death and destruction with 25 people reported dead and 17,000 people in need of immediate shelter in the affected Caribbean islands. Irma has caused damage to livelihoods, healthcare services, schools and water supply systems. The International Red Cross says 1.2 million people have already been affected by Irma, a number that could rise to 26 million. In South Asia, which has seen much less media coverage, tens of millions of people have been affected by landslides and flooding across the region. 160 people have been killed in southern Nepal and in Bangladesh, 145 people have been killed, 100,000 houses ruined and 8 million affected. 

Members of Business in the Community and the private sector as a whole, have an important role to play. By offering their core competencies, skills, products and services, businesses have the ability to contribute to a more effective disaster response.

The Global Disaster Relief and Resilience Hub is a platform developed by Business in the Community to facilitate faster collaboration between the humanitarian and private sectors. Humanitarian actors can input their needs and businesses can offer up their support in the form of products and services, creating better visibility from both parties and more effective collaboration in international disaster relief and resilience.

Sign up to The Hub to develop better partnerships with business to help meet the needs of those affected by disasters around the world.

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  • by Helen James