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World Humanitarian Day 2019

Marking the role of women in the humanitarian sector

  • by Fatima Khonat
  • 16 Aug 19

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World Humanitarian Day; a day to tribute countless aid workers across the humanitarian sector who despite the risks they face, help millions of people recover from crises. 

This year marking the day, we honor the work of women working in aid, from those on the front line ensuring the needs of those affected are met to those behind the front line who rally to people in need. Since its launch in 2014, the Start Fund has enabled Start Network members to act within days during times of crises and helped people recover quickly. 

From droughts, disease outbreak to displacements and volcanic eruptions women humanitarians from within Start Network members make up a large number of those who risk their own lives to help save the lives of others. They play pivotal roles in helping to ensure a Start Fund response is met with timeliness, transperancy and meets the the needs of those affected. Below we hear from some of the women humanitarians from within our members. 

Women humanitarians dedicate their lives to helping those affected by crisis

Erika, Start Fund Regional Advisor for Latin America and the Director of Humanitarian International Emergencies and Operations at Cadena International talks to us about some of the rewards and risks of being a woman in the humanitarian sector. 



A message from Save the Children Mongolia 

Delger from Save the Children Mongolia, shares a very important message for aspiring humanitarians and talks to us about her role as Communications Officer on the front line, often working in extreme weather conditions with an incountry humanitarian team of almost 95% women. 



On the front line for Start Fund awarded crisis response in Kenya

Start Network member ACTED provided a rapid response to drought in Kenya (alert 325). In this short video, Hani Mohamed shares her experience as the Accountability Officer working on the front line of this response



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World Humanitarian Day

  • by Fatima Khonat