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Information sharing on the Start Fund Responses

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The pooled Global Start Fund has activated a total of 222 responses since its inception in April 2014.

Although the reporting process for all of these responses are light-touch, they are robust with a detailed analysis of activities, reach, challenges and successes through both a written form completion and a one-hour learning exchange with the members that implemented the project and the Start Fund MEAL team.

The major outcome of this reporting process is a Crisis Response Summary (CRS). This is a one-page summary which collates the main activities and findings in a standard format allowing a “snap-shot” of the response which is shared with the Start Network Members through the member portal, as well as with donors. The first 2019 CRS for a response that was initiated in 2019 is now published. 

An image of the Crisis Response Summary for Alert 287 in Lebanon

Start Fund Response to Storm Nova in Lebanon (alert 287)

This was for Alert 287 in Lebanon in response to storm Norma which brought heavy rains and freezing temperatures to over 300 Syrian refugee settlement sites. Three of the 42 member agencies were awarded funding totally around 300,000 pounds: World Vision, Save the Children and Solidarités International. The agencies implemented similar activities: draining floodwater, rehabilitating latrines and shelters, providing NFIs including kitchen kits and blankets, and providing cash or vouchers for fuel and food.

The response was timely, with the affected communities receiving assistance just 3 days after the alert was raised on the 10th January. The funds provided support during this critical period and also helped leverage additional funding for World Vision through Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH), a German emergency appeals grant.

All three agencies also worked alongside the UN: World Vision with UNHCR on establishing vulnerable communities that would benefit from winterisation kits, Save with UNHCR on needs assessments and distributing UNCHR kits, and Solidarities working alongside UNICEF as their WASH partner.

As this was the first alert that had been received from Lebanon, the MEAL team promoted many of the other elements of the Start Fund such as anticipation during the Learning Exchange which took placed in March 2019.  Three months later on 18th June 2019, Alert 327 was raised for the settlements in Arsal, in anticipation of displacement, following announcements that on the 1st July these semi-permanent structures would be dismantled.  This was the first anticipatory alert for Lebanon and 550,000 pounds was awarded to Save the Children and Action against Hunger to assist the affected Syrian refugees.

The project for Alert 327 is expected to close on the 22nd August, and the Crisis Summary Response for this second alert in Lebanon will be shared later this year.

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