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Head of Start Labs talent search

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I am looking for someone to join my leadership team.  This is an important hire, and the job is super exciting, so I think we have some justification in hoping and believing that a great match is possible.

Start Network is an exciting technology for cross-organisational collaboration with some unique capabilities.  Such as massive scale: we can deploy resources into 200 countries through a network of something like 5000 non-governmental organisations that employ 250,000 people in local communities.  That scale enables super interesting opportunities.  Another element is our new business models for humanitarian aid. We have an amazing opportunity to make the world a better place.   

Head of Labs for the Start Network is something you might see only once in a career.  It is a unique job with wide open potential.  The flagship Labs programme will be the DEPP innovation progamme which will be delivered through a series of country-level innovation labs ensuring contextualised solutions in emergency settings to local problems based on principles and ideas that cut across themes, sectors, and geographies.

Labs also includes a series of prototype financial mechanisms (including insurance products); new ways of addressing anticipation and early action (such as forecasting tournaments); and small-scale pilots that may be scaled across the network if successful (such as blockchain-based governance platforms).  And you would be working with leading humanitarian brands.

But this job won’t be for everyone.  Ambition is not enough, you would need to be agile.  Working at Start is designing, building and sailing a boat all at the same time.  It is fast moving and emergent.  We have a great vision in building a new humanitarian economy that will enable people in crisis to connect with the best possible solution. 

I can’t guarantee where the Start Network journey will end, but I can guarantee that whoever gets this job will learn a massive amount and leave a legacy to be proud of. And the team is really fun – talented and kind people who are all committed to making the world a better place.  Come and join us!

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