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Innovation in humanitarian supply chains

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The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is seeking to partner with a humanitarian organisation to develop innovative solutions to challenges around the tracking of humanitarian supplies. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a project that will explore new digital solutions, work with new partners, potentially deliver some tangible benefits in transparency and efficiency and will hopefully be a great learning exercise.

Organisations in the sector currently lack a complete picture of where supplies are, how long it will take to deliver them, how efficiencies can be made and how sharing of supplies between humanitarian actors could be managed.

Using its in-house Frontier Technology Livestreaming programme, DFID is running a small project to try test whether it can innovate in tracking humanitarian supplies.

DFID is aiming for this small project to be a step towards an immutable, real-time register, transparently shared across a broad community of stakeholders. The project will also tackle the smaller problem of tracking goods along the immediate next step downstream of DFID’s logistics capability.

To take this project forward, DFID is commissioning technical experts to work with its in-house logistics specialists and one of its external partners to test a proof of concept. DFID is looking for an external partner to take part.

The partner should:

  • Be a previous recipient of DFID funding
  • Have their own logistics and procurement capability
  • Have their own staff on the ground (i.e. not a partner NGO or commercial provider)
  • Able to act as consignee
  • Familiar with DFID reporting requirements

If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact Seb Mhatre and Dan Lihou.

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  • by Helen James