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Job Vacancy: DEPP Portfolio Manager

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With the securing of a grant worth up to £26m from the UK Department for International Development under their Disasters Emergency Preparedness Programme (DEPP), the Start Network is seeking a DEPP Portfolio Manager, to be currently based in Save the Children UK offices in Farringdon.

The Network requires an outstanding individual who can balance operational delivery and the nuts and bolts of implementation with non-traditional approaches to networked thinking and collaboration. As well as routine tasks such as reporting, donor liaison and paperwork, the post holder will need to take oversight of the Start Network’s large and complex portfolio of capacity building projects.

As a member of the multi-stakeholder DEPP Management Team, the post holder will need to be a natural communicator and team player, who will be able to work across departmental and organisational boundaries whilst using evidence based arguments to challenge and change policy, practice and thinking around capacity building in the sector. The post holder will also need the patience and tenacity required to both produce a single line of programme information, data and analysis from Save the Children (as the lead agency) to DFID (as the donor), as well as back to Start Network DEPP programme leads to close feedback loops.

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