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New UK support to strengthen local level response to crises

The British Embassy in Kathmandu (BEK) has announced its continued support to anticipate and rapidly respond to crises through Start Network by providing an additional £ 1.5 million in funding to Start Fund Nepal.


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Building sustainable partnerships: INGOs’ perspectives of the value in providing partners with unrestricted funding

The exact rate of ICR received by implementing organisations varies and is often a process of negotiation. However, as a ballpark figure, it is usually between 7-10%.


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Start Network will be lending its voice at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) in May 2022 to push forward our commitment towards locally led and anticipatory action.


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Ukraine crisis reveals the need for a more equitable humanitarian response

The geopolitical scope of the Ukraine crisis means it will most likely have far-reaching consequences beyond the country’s borders. Start Network's approach to the Ukraine crisis is based on learning from other larger-scale crises that the Start Fund has responded to in the past.