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Anticipating crises more proactively

  • 19 May 17

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Start Network's Commitment

By end of 2016 the Start Network will have launched the Start Fund Anticipation Window. This mechanism will share early warning information and collective risk analyses of forecasted events across the Network’s member agencies. To the best of our knowledge, the Start Fund is the first to offer humanitarian funding for forecast-based interventions.

Meeting our commitment

The Start Network officially launched an anticipation window for the Start Fund in November 2016. It will make the Start Fund the first pooled global fund that routinely enables aid workers to intervene before a forecasted emergency. By creating a systematic way for Start Network members to use forecasting information, and with funding to enable forecast-based interventions, the Anticipation Window aims to catalyse a more anticipatory approach to humanitarian crises.

The Start Fund, supported by a grant of 1.1 million euros (£933,000) by the European Commission’s humanitarian aid department, aims to create a systematic way for Start Network members to access and use forecasting information, in so doing helping to catalyse a more anticipatory and risk-informed approach to managing humanitarian crises.

Under the Anticipation Window;

  • Decisions will be taken collectively by the 42 members of the Start Network, based on their assessment of the expected emergency
  • Independent advice and bespoke forecasts from a network of climate scientists, agricultural experts and other data analysts will be used to assess the risk of an emergency, and to gauge the most effective measures to respond.
  • Funding will be on its way within 72 hours of the alert if the Start Fund agrees that intervention is needed.
  • Evidence will be gathered using a common evaluation framework designed to compare the effectiveness and assess the cost-benefit of early action.

The Start Fund has already supported interventions in anticipation of crises in a number of countries – Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Uganda, Zambia, Mali and East Timor. Our aim is to make anticipatory action to mitigate harm and loss a normal part of the Start Fund.

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