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Our WHS Commitments

Shifting the humanitarian economy from response to anticipation

  • 19 May 17

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Start Network's Commitment

We pledge to launch other advantageous financial mechanisms for civil society that plug the gaps in hu-manitarian response and shift the humanitarian econo-my from response to anticipation.

Meeting our Commitment

At the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016, UN Secretary-General called for the humanitarian community to invest in risk analysis and act early on findings. In 2016 the Start Network launched an Anticipation Window to the Start Fund. The Start Fund is the first NGO funding mechanism to be available for anticipatory interventions.

The Start Fund Anticipation Window enables NGOs to prepare when they see a crisis coming and respond early to mitigate the predicted impacts. It creates a systematic way for Start Network members to use forecasting information, combined with funding to enable forecast-based interventions.

Improved access to forecasting information, analysis and funding helps agencies shift from a reactive model to an anticipatory one, saving lives and costs in the process.

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