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Refreshing the brand

A new era of humanitarian action

  • by Helen James
  • 04 Nov 19

Blog Post

You may have noticed some visual changes on the Start Network’s communications channels and that's because we've been working to review our brand and make it more engaging and accessible.

With help from the social impact-focused communications agency Nice and Serious, the Start Network has spoken to members, partners and donors and has decided to change its messages, to focus on how we're aiming to drive a new era of humanitarian action.

Alongside the new messaging we've reviewed our logo, typeface and colour scheme, which fits better with our innovative, positive and optimistic identity.

The new logo primary version


The new logo secondary version


The messaging and visual style


Visual treatment

Visual treatment

Visual treatment

We have been slowly moving over our channels to reflect this new messaging and visual identity because we're refreshing our brand without wasting money needlessly. We're only updating print documents when they run out and need reprinting, and our website visuals will only change slightly, as we look at more important changes such as improving the website navigation.

Communications in a network are fundamental, and that why we've done this work, as getting it right is important.

Do let us know what you think, email our communications team.

Download our new brand guidelines here.


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  • by Helen James