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Start Fund awarded responses: May

  • by Milli Cooper
  • 10 Jun 19

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May saw a quieter month for the Start Fund with only two Start Fund alerts activated in a global context of higher-profile alerts.


Heavy rainfall in Bamako region of Mali caused flash flooding across the city, damaging and destroying property as well as causing injuries and fatalities. More than 350 households were impacted, with more than 120 households displaced entirely.

  • This added to a situation where food security was already at a pressure point, with 6,000 people designated to be at crisis level with regards to food security and a further loss in food supplies.
  • Flooding in the area was also anticipated to create an elevated risk of disease outbreak with regards to cholera and vector-borne diseases.

The Start Fund was alerted to this crisis on 22nd May, after which the Start Fund committee agreed unanimously to activate the response – especially as it was seen as significant that 100% of the affected population’s needs could be met through this award. Islamic Relief and Save the Children were awarded for their project with a focus on cash, allowing 100% of the population to be reached.


Intercommunal clashes between armed actors during the first part of May in Sud Kivu triggered large-scale displacement, with more than 125,000 internally displaced. Serious damage was caused to shelter and critical infrastructure, leaving displaced people in need of food, shelter, essential items, clean water, and health intervention.

  •  Food and non food items (NFIs) were among the priority needs of displaced people; with destruction causing limited access to food stocks and agriculture.
  • The influx of IDPs into local host communities caused additional stress and impacted the resilience of host families as well as adding pressure to local markets.

The alert was raised for this crisis on 27th May, with a delay caused by the difficulty of accessing the region to perform a needs assessment; the Start Fund Committee agreed to activate the fund for the requested sum of £300,000, with Action Aid awarded to respond to IDPs and host communities with NFIs and food provision.

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