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Three more Start Build projects join the DEPP

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Three more projects from the Start Network were approved for funding on October 9th by the Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Board.

The DEPP is a ground-breaking three-year collaboration between Start Network, CDAC-Network and DFID that will invest £40m to improve the quality and speed of humanitarian response in countries at risk of natural disaster or conflict related humanitarian emergencies. It will do this by increasing and strengthening the capacity of the humanitarian system, with a focus on local humanitarian workers at the national level. The DEPP has identified networks critical to developing preparedness capacity, pre-selecting the Start Network and CDAC Network to deliver the majority of the DEPP programme.

Our portfolio of capacity building projects that sits within the Start Build work stream is a diverse collection of collaborative initiatives developed by our members. The October 9th announcement brings our total number of DEPP projects to seven, after four projects were approved in July.

The three recently approved projects are as follows:

Linking Preparedness, Response and Resilience in Emergency ContextsAn innovative collaboration between humanitarian and security agencies and Kings College London, to develop new methodologies for resilience programming in fragile contexts threatened by insecurity and natural disaster.

Protection in Practice: Mainstreaming protection amongst national humanitarian staff, NGOs and community based organisations; and building the capacity of five national NGO/CBOs as protection specialists that actively participate in coordination mechanisms.

Financial Enablers: A capacity development fund which local consortia can draw upon to implement activities of their own choosing, with a focus on the exchange of experience and learning.

In addition, the Start Network will manage an innovative monitoring, evaluation and learning programme to accompany the DEPP. This may be one of the largest investments to learn about capacity building in the humanitarian sector, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this process alongside DFID and CDAC-Network.

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