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The value of increased surge collaboration

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A group of interested UK INGOs are conducting research on the value for money of increased surge collaboration between agencies for rapid onset disasters, where national and regional capacity is exceeded.

The aim of the research is to better understand the different cost drivers across UK humanitarian NGOs in emergency response as well as wider value for money (VFM) dimensions of quality and timelines, and analyse the impact on VFM through different incremental steps of global level surge collaboration across agencies.

The research hypothesis is that greater collaboration between UK humanitarian NGOs in advance of and during a rapid onset disaster would yield improved VFM from the overall UK response.

The consortium conducting the research is led by Save the Children and includes Oxfam, Mercy Corps, CARE, Action Aid, World Vision and ALNAP).

The group has been successful in securing a £20k pilot grant from the Transforming Surge Capacity Project, part of the Disasters Emergency Preparedness Programme. This research forms part of ongoing collaboration between several Start Network agencies and is part of a longer term vision to begin to develop thinking and collaborative surge action in emergencies at the UK level.

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