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CAR Refugees in Cameroon - Independent Evaluation

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11 August 2016


In 2015, the Start Network members began three collaborative responses to large-scale crises: the Central African Republic (CAR) Refugees in Cameroon Response (Cameroon); the Ebola Preparedness Programme (Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast); and the European Refugee Crisis (Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia).

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As part of the Start Network Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) services, provided by ACF-UK, an independent, external final evaluation of the Central African Republic Refugees in Cameroon Response was commissioned.

The evaluation assesses the performance of the Start Network response in achieving results and contributes to the existing knowledge base on how to effectively and efficiently respond to crises in a collaborative manner. It is framed around the evaluation criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and collaborative advantage.

The evaluation methodology consisted of documentary research (over 150 documents), key stakeholder interviews and fieldwork by the evaluation team, which was structured around three case studies (68 interviews and 25 focus groups in three regions). The aim of the evaluation is not to measure the performance of individual projects within the Response but to reflect on the added value of the Start Network collaborative approach in providing an effective and relevant response.

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