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Crisis response summary: Uganda - Influx of South Sudanese refugees

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09 September 2016


Thousands (over 8,000) South Sudanese refugees entered north-western Uganda between 12 and 28 January 2016, driven by conflict and food insecurity in their homeland.

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As arrivals increased health systems and water and sanitation facilities were stretched which made the refugees vulnerable to disease. According to The Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) there was a low need for international assistance yet a moderate expected crisis impact.

Due to the immediate needs of the refugees Concern addressed the crucial nutritional gaps in the form of nutritional screening, supporting therapeutic feeding programmes for acute malnutrition cases and mentoring health workers; International Rescue Committee procured and distributed health and hygiene kits at refugee reception centres, Oxfam helped provide adequate access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities and Save the Children International procured an assortment of Non-Food Items (NFIs) for 1,500 newly arrived refugee children

Download the Crisis Response Summary