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Dealing with Paradox

Date added

01 July 2014


A case study about the first three years of the Start Network, formally the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies.

Dealing with Paradox

A number of Humanitarian Directors from some of the larger agencies started to meet informally, often in pubs, to talk about common interests and questions. These meetings came to be known by the group as ‘Useful Gatherings’. The need to meet was prompted in part by the UN changing its co-ordination of humanitarian assistance – which, it was felt, risked more fragmentation, and complexity for NGOs. Humanitarian Directors were finding it increasingly difficult to make coherent sense of the bigger picture. One thing was clear, however, that funding was beginning to flow very differently and in ways that were making it harder for NGOs to do their work in traditional ways. Download the case study to read more.

Dealing with Paradox