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Development of Mechanism for Accountability to the Affected Population in Rapid Response (Bangla)

Date added

27 April 2021


Humanitarian actors play an important role in disaster response in Bangladesh. As such, their decisions and actions can have a profound effect on the daily lives of disaster affected people. However, the accountability framework being used by different humanitarian agencies are different and to some extent inadequate to hold humanitarian agencies accountable to the affected people in rapid response. Affected people lack an effective voice in the decision-making process of the humanitarian agencies. Hence, new tools and mechanisms are needed at the local and national level to make the humanitarian actors more accountable to affected people and communities.

Download accountability framework in Bangla

The Mechanism for Accountability to Affected Population (MAAP) is an accountability framework developed by Start Fund Bangladesh in partnership with NIRAPAD (Network for Information, Response And Preparedness Activities on Disaster). It outlines a set of 16 accountability tools under four broad themes: information provision, participation, complaint, response and feedback mechanism, and learning and adaptation.

The report is also available in English.

Download accountability framework in Bangla