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External Evaluation of the Start Fund: Progress, Performance & Future Plans

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29 December 2017


The Start Fund provides rapid financing to underfunded small to medium scale crises, spikes in chronic humanitarian crises, and to act in anticipation of impending crises, filling a critical gap in humanitarian financing.

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This evaluation specifically takes the ‘Evaluation of the Start Fund Design and Build phase’ as a benchmark. This evaluation looked at 40 alerts (30 activated), which took place within the last 18 months. A primary focus was given to the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which collectively consisted of 11 alerts and the remainder randomly selected. Interviews were also undertaken with Start
Network members from countries for which alerts have been raised and Start Fund committee representatives. The Start Fund has evolved very significantly since the ‘Design and Build’ evaluation. The Start Network has increased to 42 members (from 19) and in turn these members have partners which number in the thousands. In the UK financial year 2016-2017, members raised 74 alerts (43 of which were activated) and Start Fund disbursed £8,216,421 (an increase from £2,504,054 at Design and Build). In keeping with the aspirations of Start Evolves (below), the Start Network is piloting the first national Start Fund in Bangladesh, and has established 12 standing decision making groups in a range of countries with frequent alerts.

Download the full evaluation