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Good enough context analysis for rapid response

Date added

20 May 2019



The output is a short document analysing the country context and needs, key actors, sources of cohesion and division (connectors and dividers) and likely future scenarios. It includes internal and external recommendations that inform organisational strategies, operational and security plans, programme designs and external messaging.

Download the GECARR information document

What is GECARR?

  • A context analysis tool that provides a macro-level analysis of a country or a specific geographic context of a country.
  • Used during or in anticipation of an imminent change or at the initial or urgent phase of a humanitarian response. It provides an analysis in a time-efficient and pragmatic way.
  • It is a flexible tool that can be used in unpredictable and conflict-prone contexts. The process usually takes about two weeks with a short preparation phase beforehand.
  • Produces a snapshot of the current situation and likely scenarios’, through drawing together the views of a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, including local communities and beneficiaries. Micro-level insights from local community members strengthen and inform the macro-level analysis.
  • Generates actionable and practical recommendations for INGOs involved in humanitarian responses. These recommendations are appropriate, relevant to the context and designed with the buy-in of decision-makers to ensure acceptance and implementation afterwards.
  • Designed to be an inter-agency tool to facilitate collaboration and limit organisational analytical bias.

Download the GECARR information document